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ZIP by ajiraiya ZIP by ajiraiya

This is ZIP (Zealous Independent Punisher)
meh! what a name :sarcasticclap:
the main character of my future personal project, a shitty comic book.

He is an ordinary ninja that accidentally possessed by evil spirit living on an Oni Daruma doll
(fortunately not fully possessed).
it gives him terrific power... but makes him lose self-control, goes berserk & kills people.
as time goes by, he's got the ability to control the power.
and use it to protect people & punish evil deeds.
that's the way he redeems his past sins.
Then the story goes on and on and... bla bla bla :lmao:
cliche? no! that's just the beginning.
i won't let the story become predictable. lol

on this drawing, i tried to combine japanese traditional look with modern (urban art) style.
hope it works well.. :paranoid:

vector done in Adobe illustrator.

you can find the crappy sketch of this character, the ZIP, on my scrapbook > [link]

Daily Deviation

Given 2010-06-24
The suggester says; "A superb & wild style that does indeed perfectly blend traditional Japanese art with urban elements + One awesome, intriguing, & creative comic book character design + Some astounding coloring that perfectly highlights a mix of styles + A jaw-dropping amount of detail in every corner down to the killer clothing & the miscellaneous touches of Japanese culture = ZIP by =ajiraiya" ( Suggested by SlyDante and Featured by kangel )
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March 4, 2010
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